GMAT Sentence Correction: Complete GMAT Grammar Basics II by Rowan Hand

GMAT Sentence Correction: Complete GMAT Grammar Basics II

More proven methods to increase your Sentence Correction score--overnight!

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Understanding GMAT-specific grammar is crucial to increasing your Sentence Correction score. 

What is GMAT grammar? It's whatever the writers of the test want it to be. 

There is always an objective reason that one answer choice is "more correct" than the others. Learning to identify WHY these sentences are preferable is the problem. You're certainly not going to find the explanations in the Official Guide (e.g. "this sentence is awkward."). 

In this set of videos, Rowan Hand, author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller (GMAT and Test Preparation), Last Minute GMAT Grammar, breaks down necessary GMAT-specific grammar concepts in clear, easy language.

Never again will you have to worry about picking the sentence that "sounds correct" but isn't precise enough, or the sentence that "sounds wrong" but is correct for some reason.

Designed for both native and non-native English speakers, Complete GMAT Grammar Basics Part I provides as close to a comprehensive review of the nuanced, GMAT-specific grammar concepts as possible.

Check out Part I for Fundamental GMAT Grammar Topics!

What's included?

Video Icon 41 videos


The Proper Referent for Pronouns
4 mins
Pronoun Agreement
2 mins
They vs He or She
4 mins
Subject and Object Pronouns
5 mins
Whoever and Whomever
1 min
That and Which
3 mins
Common Abuse of Which
3 mins
It Was They
3 mins
One is One's
1 min
Topic 59 Transitive Intransitive Verbs.mp4
58.1 MB
Like vs as
Wrong Placement of Modifiers
3 mins
Who and Whom
5 mins
Adverbs Part I
3 mins
One and You
2 mins
Adverbs Part II
3 mins
Ambiguous Placement of Modifiers Part I
2 mins
Ambiguous Placement of Modifiers Part II
2 mins
Subject Object Comparisons
2 mins
Modifying Clauses
3 mins
Abstract and Concrete
4 mins
Incomplete Sentences
3 mins
Comparisons within a Group
3 mins
Comparative and Superlative
6 mins
Parallelism with Verbs
3 mins
Parallelism with Prepositions
2 mins
Parallelism with Combined Subjects
3 mins
Parallelism Not But
3 mins
Comparisons with "is"
3 mins
Either or / neither nor
44.3 MB
Between vs Among
40.5 MB
"From" vs "to"
11.9 MB
Not only / but also
15.5 MB
In order that
6.75 MB
Different from
22.2 MB
Estimate to be
7.95 MB
Prefer to
8.32 MB
Prevent / prohibit from
14.2 MB
Differ with / differ from
12.5 MB
Credit with / credit to
8.19 MB
Because and "because of"
12.8 MB
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Rowan Hand has worked as a GMAT tutor for students across the globe since 2005. He is the author of the #1 Amazon bestseller (categories: GMAT and Test Prep), Last Minute GMAT Grammar. Rowan has helped over 500 students make their careers at schools such as LBS, Columbia, Wharton, INSEAD, and more. Contact Rowan directly: Blog: YouTube: